What is it? A challenge designed by you for you, supported by us. It’s 63 days of you achieving your goals!

What are the goals? You decide!

How do I keep track? We send you a tracker on day 1. Keep track every day!

Why is it 63 days? It’s said to take 21 days to build a habit. It’s 3x opportunities to build a solid foundation, 3x check-ins to better support you, and 3x the chance to grow.

Who wins? The competition is percentage based. Whoever completes the highest percentage of their goals wins.

What if someone cheats? Your character is who you are when no-one is looking. It has often been quoted that your success is determined by your character. If someone wants to practice and instill a habit of cheating and lying to themselves and others, we wish them best of luck in the future!